The storm had been send to break Akmorek is going to be the storm which create him. Akmorkis are among us.



About me

I live in Dobroszyce in Poland. I was born in 1979. I have got pseudonyms: Bliza, sensei Kate, Teofano, Lyna and Bernadetta. I’m a writer, a poet and painter especially – abstractionist. I’m writing romances, crime story, dramas, fairytales and books for foreign languages. I ‘m a karate teacher. I’m especially English and History teacher. I made AiUAD – scholar system, language and history of Akmorkis. Akmorki are longlife critterss, they are among people and they have Apparesski – ghosts, who help them.


My abstraction pictures I’ve sighed Bernadetta or Lyna. They have owners in Germany, USA and Belarus. For painting I use especially acril paints, mixed, pearl and glitter. If you’d like to have my painting or a book just call me or write to me.


If you’d like to make The Author’s meeting, do the same, please.


When I teach my little and bigger students, I use my own way and poems, which help to like and use to speak – your chosen foreign language.



kongur7719shan at amorki.pl legenda.o.lynie at wp.pl
669 536 207
Dobroszyce, Polska